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Take the Practice Before Taking the Real Exam

January 11, 2018 Stephanie 0

When you decide to become a police officer in Victoria, you have made a life-changing decision and you need to give it your all. The first step to joining the force is to take a realistic police entrance exam VIC has to offer. By submitting your application, you also agree to adjust yourself to do all it takes to achieve your goal. The next step after submitting your application to join police force is to take the police entrance exam. The exam is a deal breaker, which can see join or forfeit your chance to hit the streets as a police officer. At that point, you need to arm yourself with hard facts about the force and ensure that you meet all the major requirements. Practice exams are therefore an important part of your preparation. However, in order to pass the actual police entrance exam VIC department offers, it is advisable to engage a reliable organization to take a realistic practice exam first.

Before approaching the recruiter or the department’s website, you need to familiarize yourself with the questions mostly asked. This can prepare you for the real test and you stand a high chance of passing the actual exam the first time. By taking the practice for police entrance exam VIC offers today, you can have a preview of the types of questions asked, time limits required for the exam, and even the format of the exam. You also get to know the marks you have to obtain to achieve a pass. With that level of experience, you will gain full confidence when you sit on the actual exam for police entrance.

Before you take the real police entrance exam in VIC, it is important to prepare yourself by informing yourself. The practice test prepares you to identify your weaker areas and improve your abilities in specific areas where you are weak. Find a quiet place such as in a library and study. Learn about the elements of style and acquire some knowledge of high school English.

In Victoria, Australia, many companies are out to provide the practice test leading to actual police entrance exam. However, not all of them can provide a quality test that prepares you for the real VIC police entrance exam. If you want to do a realistic test, it is advisable to identify a reliable company that offers realistic exams. The practice test should be a reflection of what you meet in the actual exam, so the practice test should include every aspect of the exam such as format, time limits, and even the type of questions to expect. Strive for Excellence Tutoring

It is even important to start displaying some elements of a police officer in your life. For example, you can start being observant or people, places, and vehicles. However, while you do that, be careful with your observations. Together with the practice test, these qualities can prepare you fully to sail through in your recruitment as a police officer. The decision rests with you. If you decide to join the police force, remember to take a practice test prior to the actual test. For more information on how to find police entrance exam VIC has for recruits, visit

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Effective Written Communication in Business through Training

December 6, 2017 Stephanie 0

Written communication is vital in business. It serves to direct how processes will be conducted, how information is sent to customers, how to address employees and suppliers, and many other uses. In the past, organizations relied on the services of secretaries who were able to write and perfect all written communication before it is released to the outside world. The changes in business trendsmeant that managers and department heads now carry out this function. Poor written communication can result to varied meanings and interpretations. Business writing training is designed to help people sharpen their fluency in writing and communication which is crucial to the business.

Important Elements of External Communication in Business

External communication refers mainly to all communication directed to people such as supplier’s customers, and business partners. Certain elements are important and are different from those of internal communication. These include:

  • Persuasion – This is applicable when addressing customers to perform a certain action such as a new product review, marketing campaign, and even influence purchasing trends. It is imperative to formulate the communication accurately to deliver a clear message that will lead to the desired actions. This is well-achieved thorough training.
  • Negotiation – Negotiation with potential partners also forms an important part of business writing. Managers should be able to write effectively to create long lasting relationships even with suppliers. Success in these endeavors is highly dependent on the communication skill level of the writer.
  •  Feedback – Good writing and communication encourages feedback between parties. In today’s business, hastily written memos could have unclear meanings and unintended messages. Business writing training offers essential skills necessary for effective communication.

Crucial checks for effective business writing

Certain tips are important for good business writing. These can be summarized as;

Target Audience

A good understanding of the audience goes a long way in determining the way to write. The intended purpose of the communication is also crucial to how it will be written. An official report of the business has a specific format. Internal emails could be informal but external emails must be clear and courteous.

Information and Style

Simple and understandable language is more preferred as opposed to the use of unnecessary adjectives. Reports must be concise and brief, indicating the intended message effortlessly. Most people do not want unnecessary content. Opinions must be well noted as such and facts should be clearly identifiable.


Poor formatting can easily ruin good writing. Proper formatting enhances efficiency and causes easier readability. All forms of writing must have the appropriate formatting.

Proof Reading

Editing is very important in writing and more so when it comes to reports and proposals. Every professional work must be supported by thorough proof reading. Another person could read it to make it flawless before sending.

Mindset and Perspectives of the Writer

The choice of words, structure, and expressions used in the text reveal a lot about your attitude and opinion regarding the topic. In external communication, adopting an attitude to reflect the importance of the reader is likely to produce a positive response.

Benefits from Training

The business writing training from “” provides you with crucial writing skills to produce good image, promote efficiency, easier readability and better clarity of writing.

How yoga and mindfulness relieves city stress in Wellington

October 25, 2017 Stephanie 0

In a world that seems to get more complex by the day, mindfulness may be the key to solving city stress. As most are aware, living in cities is convenient, but that convenience comes at a price. In Wellington, there is more traffic on the street, more people in the city, more competition for resources and space. This mix builds up stress. When stress gets serious, it could jeopardise our long-term health.

Once, it was believed that Wellington was a city designed to get rid of stress. Indeed, the town is surrounded by pleasant natural relaxation spots, such as the pristine Botanic Gardens and lovely trails in Otari-Wilton’s Bush. Then there’s the Wellington Waterfront, a soothing place to enjoy fresh sea air while mingling in an eclectic mix of art galleries and trendy cafes.

However, going to the beach or walking along a trail is not all that’s needed to alleviate stress. Instead, turning inward towards mindfulness (and associated practices) is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in urban areas. As awareness of these practices grow, so does the potential for collective improvements on life quality for local residents.

The art of mindfulness in Wellington

In the 1980s, many Wellington residents came back from places like India and Thailand and began teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga. There was a lot of experimentation, mixing up different methods in order to find an appealing balance for new students. Eventually, teachers began to uncover the primary advantages of blending mindfulness with asanas, into something often described as “mindful yoga.”

These kinds of blended classes teach students to boost their awareness in the moment, which can be a great help when facing the challenges and tensions of stressful life. In Wellington, there are dozens of options to learn about yoga and get on board the mindfulness train.

Benefits of Mindful Asana Practices for locals

In New Zealand, many “mindful yoga” teachers point out that including mindfulness with yoga was a method that evolved over a few decades of experimentation. As familiarity with Buddhist mindfulness spread in New Zealand, many began to realize that mindfulness techniques could enhance hatha yoga practices. Teachers began to mix up their lessons, and students were responsive.

For example at Te Aro Astanga Yoga (a well liked Wellington yoga studio), teachers use mindfulness to identify specific behaviors which are out of harmony. For instance, an instructor may see a person keeping away from certain poses, or getting tensed up during some drills. These types of reactions are often signs of energy blockages that ought to be cleared. It is through mindfulness that these issues can be discovered, and then dealt with.

The great thing about mixing mindfulness with yoga is that it can transcend yoga styles. Once you understand the basics of mindfulness, you can apply it in any sort of yoga class. At Te Aro Astanga Yoga, instructors teach only one school of yoga (Astanga), but their students rave about the progress made.

Indeed, for all those seeking a way to reduce their stress levels (especially in urban settings), combining mindful techniques into their yoga classes, can bring about stress relief and an overall sense of enhanced well being.