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Effective Written Communication in Business through Training

December 6, 2017 Stephanie 0

Written communication is vital in business. It serves to direct how processes will be conducted, how information is sent to customers, how to address employees and suppliers, and many other uses. In the past, organizations relied on the services of secretaries who were able to write and perfect all written communication before it is released to the outside world. The changes in business trendsmeant that managers and department heads now carry out this function. Poor written communication can result to varied meanings and interpretations. Business writing training is designed to help people sharpen their fluency in writing and communication which is crucial to the business.

Important Elements of External Communication in Business

External communication refers mainly to all communication directed to people such as supplier’s customers, and business partners. Certain elements are important and are different from those of internal communication. These include:

  • Persuasion – This is applicable when addressing customers to perform a certain action such as a new product review, marketing campaign, and even influence purchasing trends. It is imperative to formulate the communication accurately to deliver a clear message that will lead to the desired actions. This is well-achieved thorough training.
  • Negotiation – Negotiation with potential partners also forms an important part of business writing. Managers should be able to write effectively to create long lasting relationships even with suppliers. Success in these endeavors is highly dependent on the communication skill level of the writer.
  •  Feedback – Good writing and communication encourages feedback between parties. In today’s business, hastily written memos could have unclear meanings and unintended messages. Business writing training offers essential skills necessary for effective communication.

Crucial checks for effective business writing

Certain tips are important for good business writing. These can be summarized as;

Target Audience

A good understanding of the audience goes a long way in determining the way to write. The intended purpose of the communication is also crucial to how it will be written. An official report of the business has a specific format. Internal emails could be informal but external emails must be clear and courteous.

Information and Style

Simple and understandable language is more preferred as opposed to the use of unnecessary adjectives. Reports must be concise and brief, indicating the intended message effortlessly. Most people do not want unnecessary content. Opinions must be well noted as such and facts should be clearly identifiable.


Poor formatting can easily ruin good writing. Proper formatting enhances efficiency and causes easier readability. All forms of writing must have the appropriate formatting.

Proof Reading

Editing is very important in writing and more so when it comes to reports and proposals. Every professional work must be supported by thorough proof reading. Another person could read it to make it flawless before sending.

Mindset and Perspectives of the Writer

The choice of words, structure, and expressions used in the text reveal a lot about your attitude and opinion regarding the topic. In external communication, adopting an attitude to reflect the importance of the reader is likely to produce a positive response.

Benefits from Training

The business writing training from “” provides you with crucial writing skills to produce good image, promote efficiency, easier readability and better clarity of writing.